Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taming your inbox

Here's a truly great article about organizing your email inbox. To quote:
But many people are struggling with e-mail overload and overwhelm these days, and from my consulting and training on the topic, I think I’ve figured out part of the reason why: people are keeping their information in e-mail format rather than converting those e-mails into what they really are: information, tasks, calendar events, and/or contacts.
I used to think I was so organized because my email box has so many folders and subfolders to store my old messages. After reading this article, I've spent a good chunk of time this afternoon going through my email at work and doing exactly what the author recommends. It's quite liberating, really.

I've created several new documents that "document" library procedures and now have all my usernames and passwords in one giant spreadsheet.

Speaking of being unorganized, our new library security monitor was mentioning that different staff members run the closing procedures differently at night. Well, no wonder. The closing procedures document was made up of no less than four different documents printed out and put into one binder. There's no easy way for the staff to figure out which online documents to look at when doing the closing procedures.

So my other big project for the day was to pull all that information into one, easy to access document that both the staff and the security monitor can use -- AND to properly label any other documentation that the security monitor and closing staff might need. Mission accomplished! (I think!)

Uh-oh -- the air conditioning in the library just went off -- again! Curses!

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