Saturday, April 18, 2009


The Kinkaiders


You ask what place I like the best,
The sand hills, O the old sand hills;
The place Kinkaiders make their home,
And prairie chickens freely roam.

 In all Nebraska's wide domain
 'Tis the place we long to see again;
 The sand hills are the very best,
 She is the queen of all the rest.


The corn we raise is our delight,
The melons, too, are out of sight.
Potatoes grown are extra fine
And can't be beat in any clime.


The peaceful cows in pastures dream
And furnish us with golden cream,
So I shall keep my Kinkaid home
And never far away shall roam.

 Then let us all with hearts sincere
 Thank him for what has brought us here,
 And for the homestead law he made,
 This noble Moses P. Kinkaid.

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