Thursday, April 16, 2009

In honor of my Grandmothers, Cora Frank and Irma Nothwehr


I know what makes a Grandma grand—she always has a treat,
A cookie or a piece of cake or apple pie to eat,
And when we go to visit her she gets the good things out,
And we don't have to ask for more as long as she's about.
Then Ma will say:
“That's all to-day;
Don't give them any more;
You'll make them ill.
I know you will,
To-night we'll walk the floor.”

A Grandma never punishes or says that we are bad,
She always takes us on her knee and tells us she is glad
To have us racing round the house, and when we get too smart,
An' Pa an' Ma are awful cross, she always takes our part.
And once when I
Had told a lie
And had to go to bed
Without my tea,
She came to me
And brought me jam and bread.

Ma says it's funny Grandma acts the way she does to-day;
When she was Grandma's little girl she couldn't disobey,
Or only eat the things she liked an' get the stomach ache,
Or pick the chocolate frosting off an' never touch the cake.
When she was bad
She always had
The punishment to bear,
But we can be
Much worse than she
An' Grandma doesn't care.

Pa says that Grandmas are alike; their job of training's done,
They don't like tears to come along and spoil the children's fun.
They love to see the youngsters eat, an', though it isn't right.
They never have to walk the floor or stay up all the night.
An' children know
The times they go
To Grandma's house to play,
Though bad they are,
Their Ma and Pa
Can't have a word to say.

Edgar Albert Guest

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  1. CARSON7:08 AM

    I love this one very much!