Friday, February 27, 2009

Pixar rumors

Could it be true? Could there be a sequel to Monsters, Inc.? Wouldn't that be wonderful to see Boo and Sulley reunited?

I do agree with several of the commenters, though. The movie that really does scream for a sequel would be The Incredibles. How awesome to see Jack-Jack use his powers some more!


  1. Carson1:51 PM

    I did not see Monsters Inc.
    I loved the Incredibles.
    I thought it was wonderful.
    I remember being on the edge of my seat at points.
    What about Top Chef?
    I am betting we feel the same way.

  2. You should watch Monsters, Inc. It's one of my favorites. Very clever.

    What about Top Chef? I would rather discuss with you IRL (in real life) or at least via FB chat!