Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wired and waiting for the crash

What am I doing still up? I should be going to bed, but I'm just too wired.

Top Chef was like sticking a knife in my heart. Sad that they sacrifice someone for the sake of drama on the show. But that's how Lisa managed to hang on for so long last season. IMHO. I really thought Carla would go, but I believe she made the same dish that she made on the Thanksgiving episode and they loved it then. She doesn't have the depth to last too much longer.

I think the following chefs are in trouble and will fall pretty quickly: Carla, Radika, Jeff, Jamie, and Fabio. I think the final three will be Hosea, Stefan and Leah. Wouldn't that make for some drama? (Maybe Fabio or Jamie will make it instead of Leah, but I doubt it.)

The one thing I really did not enjoy was seeing the chefs walking around with the animals. I kept thinking that they were handling all those animals and then they were going to cook while wearing the same shirts. Ick.

I also hate it when the chefs describe their dishes by naming every single ingredient that went into the dish. Just call it what it is and let everyone eat.

I also did not like that there were three winners. Not right - it's Top Chef, not top team. They can't all win.

Oh, to the other half of the post title. Waiting for the crash.

I'm sure that I'm going to crash from so much going on this week. Earlier tonight, Hannah and I went to the high school for the first freshman orientation night. It was kind of a crazy mob, but lots of good information. I'm glad Hannah ran into several friends there. So she will know people when she starts there.

Tomorrow morning I'm taking Michelle to the orthodontist to get braces put on. Poor kid. I'm so afraid that the tooth extractions she had two weeks ago have scarred her for life. The tooth extractions I had as a kid definitely scarred me for life. I keep telling her that braces will be nothing compared to that.

Then I''m working the late shift - literally. This week the library is staying open later than usual to provide a "late night study hall" for community high school students. We close at 9 pm like normal, but allow high school students who are studying for finals this week to stay until 11 pm. Each department head took a turn to stay late and tomorrow night is my turn.

Friday night is Bunco night and Saturday I'm having lunch with the gals from my old job and playing piano in the evening. So by Saturday night, I'm going to be out of energy.

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  1. CARSON9:21 AM

    Girl you are running on fumes.
    Be careful!
    Take time for You.
    You take care of you .... you hear me?