Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where have I been?

Where have I been? I don't know! You read my last blog post. Guess I didn't go online much over the weekend. I did a lot of shopping, which I didn't really enjoy, but it was necessary. Bought new shoes for everyone in the family but me!

Saturday I had lunch with my former staff from Poplar Creek. Only one of them still works there. We convinced Kim to run for the Poplar Creek library board. So I'm helping her with that.

Scrapbooked on Monday, but I still have to glue everything down. Will post photos once I get that done. Did pictures from Hannah's birthday trip to Medieval Times. It turned out awesome!

Tuesday night was flute choir and various other musical duties at church.

Tonight is the return of LOST!! Yay! I'm excited about that, but not sure if I'm going to have time to watch Top Chef tonight or not. So don't tell me what happens!!

Seems like we're never on FB at the same time anymore. I miss you (Maria)!!! I'm starting to go a little crazy!

Been practicing the piano A LOT! Band solo competition is in 45 days. Unfortunately, I don't have all the music yet. Hope there's nothing too long and hard. The band director doesn't think we'll have that many kids go to competition. He says all the middle schoolers are lazy this year. So I've been nagging Hannah to practice really hard and blow him away!

Our Friday night plans just got canceled. We were supposed to go out with another couple for German food, but one of them is pretty sick with the flu, so we thought we had better postpone.

Boy this is an uninteresting blog post for the rest of you, isn't it?


  1. Carson3:33 PM

    Thanks for the update.
    I knew you were busy.
    I meant on FB.
    I really liked your post of random thoughts.
    I have gone back to read it several times.
    Where were you going for German food?

  2. Yeah, we always used to be on FB at the same time. Guess it's just one of those weeks.

    Here's the German place:

    You wanna go?

  3. Yes, a very uninteresting blog. I have news for you, Blogmeister - when I come onto this site, I do NOT expect to read about what's going on in your life! I expect only recipes and info on the latest New Kids on the Block reunion rumors. Keep your life OUT of your blog in the future! (P.S. Have you been to this German restaurant before? When they answer the phone with "Schnitzelplatz," do you have to resist the urge to respond, "Gesundheit!"?)
    P.P.S. Schnitzel happens.

  4. CARSON7:46 AM

    And yes I would love to go, Julie.

  5. CARSON7:47 AM

    M.M....Spoken like a true non- German...

  6. Oh, boy, Carson - the Frenzel name is about as German as they get - I grew up on German potato salad and my all-time favorite, Rouladen. My grandmother would make her own saurkraut in a huge, black-as-black iron pan. Loved that stuff as a kid, still do now. My post above was just a silly jab at the Blogmaster, who is always interesting to read - I just thought it was funny that she said how her latest one must not be very interesting because it was personal. If the two of you go, be sure to post what you ordered!

  7. CARSON6:12 PM

    I love it that you are German!
    I will cook you some German food for FPS.
    I can really make roulauden!
    You know you and the wife could come with us when we go!
    And Julie... he is right... your posts are always interesting to read.