Friday, January 09, 2009

The waiting game

I am still waiting for my turn for The Shack. I am on hold for multiple copies of this book at multiple libraries.

At my work library I am on hold for three different copies: hardbound, paperback and large print. In the queue of holds I am #22, #17, and #6, respectively. The problem is that at work, my hold priority is low, so that if a resident places a hold, they are automatically bumped ahead of me because I am merely a lowly staff member and do not pay taxes to this community.

At my home library I am on hold for two copies. I guess they only have the hardbound and large print versions. I am #11 and #3 in the holds queue there, respectively.

So how long will I have to wait? Who knows?

There is one library catalog system out there that has the ability to "guess" how long you will have to wait for your hold based on the circulation periods and the number of holds. Like, if there is one copy of a book, and it circulates for three weeks and there are two people ahead of you, you will probably have to wait about 6 weeks. It gets more complicated when a library has several copies of the book and lots of holds.

I think this would be nice, in theory, to let people know about how long they may have to wait. The problem is, there are always those jerks out there who will come back and say "It's been three weeks, why don't I have my book yet?"

In the meantime, I have finished the Maximum Ride series (well, I'm on hold for the "fourth" one) and am moving on to Orbiting the Giant Hairball, while waiting for The Shack.


  1. Hi Julie, I am Sara, Maria's sister. Anyway, I have a copy of The Shack. I haven't had time to read it yet. I'd be glad to send it to you. If you want it, let me know.

  2. Hi Sara! Of course I remember you!

    Thanks for your generous offer, but I think I will pass. Eventually my time will come up at one of the libraries or the other. Hang on to your copy then the three of us can read it at the same time. We can even have our own book discussion on Facebook or something. (If you and Maria can wait for me....)