Friday, January 30, 2009

Top Chef recap (finally)

I can't believe I haven't blogged about Top Chef this week. I think my mind was spinning from Lost that I couldn't properly focus on Top Chef.

Here's my problem with this season of TC. I already know who's going to win. I knew from episode one. There is no doubt in my mind about who is going to win. And there's no doubt in his mind, either. So there's not as much mystery surrounding this season. It's been very predictable for me.

But wait, you say, how can it be predictable when Stefan ended up with the losers? Well, this episode was different. The chefs' food wasn't being compared to their competitors. It was being compared to the guest competitors from other seasons. So if you lost in your one on one head to head, then you were going to end up on the chopping block.

But let's talk about Jeff. I knew he was going to be eliminated soon. The judges don't like dishes that are so complicated. He should have figured that out by now. I'll miss seeing his blue eyes every week, but I was prepared for his departure. I have to agree with Dave, too, at least he didn't cry. Thank you!

Who will be next? Fabio dodged a major bullet. If he doesn't start producing, though, he's going to pack his knives within the next couple of weeks for sure. Leah always surprises me. She acts so non-chalant and is constantly saying that she doesn't care, but she does manage to cook food that the judges like. Carla got lucky with her challenges this time around. I don't think she has the depth to see it through much longer.


  1. CARSON2:01 PM

    I will miss pretty boy Jeff for sure. I think it was the way that he parted his hair. :)
    Carla ...I just love her.
    She is so funny and real.
    I will miss her when she goes.
    Leah annoys me.
    Want her gone.
    Fabio... skating just skating.
    Oh my... final three...
    Stefan (wiener... I meeeeean winner).
    Bald boy who kissed Leah
    And the final one ... will be that rainbow chick.
    Wish I knew their names.

  2. Bald boy - Hosea
    Rainbow Girl - Jamie

    Though I like Bald boy and Rainbow girl better as names.

    I think Bald boy really shot himself in the foot when he let Lewd girl (I mean, Leah) get too close. He will not be remembered as a good chef (which I think he is). He will be forever known as the Bald boy who kissed Leah.

  3. CARSON3:24 PM

    And so they have been named.
    Let it be so.
    Get on FB.
    We can chat.