Friday, January 09, 2009

Snow Memories

When I was little, I remember there being lots of snow.
Winters were both cold and white.
I also remember blizards shutting down Columbus for 2 or 3 days.
This winter seems much like the winters of my "youth".
While no blizzard has shut things down for long, there still seems to be lots more snow. Cold winds blowing snow!
I love to be warm and when I was little I would go and sit on or stand over the large floor registers in our home. I would stay there until it shut off.
I would even dry my freshly washed hair over those registers.
Now, I take a hot bath and have a hair dryer.
Ahh... "progress".


  1. My parents have pictures of winters from when we lived in Saginaw, Michigan. Sometimes the snowdrifts were as high as the garage! I vaguely remember digging out tunnels through the drifts. (I was only 4 at the time.)

    I love snow. I do not mind the coldness that comes from sledding, building snowmen, or skiing, but it is nice to come in and thaw out after being out in the snow for a long time.

  2. I miss snow. We just never get big snows here. We just get ice and rain. Yucky. If it snows it is usually a dusting. I need a great big snow. Snow here still shuts things down.

    I remember playing in the snow with my best friend until we just couldn't be outside any longer. We would hunt the neighborhood for the biggest icecicles we could find. We ALWAYS made snow ice cream. They say you aren't supposed to do that anymore, but we did last year when we had a wee bit of snow.

  3. Just a few snow flakes here. We have also had ice and rain. Of course I can remember our wonderfully large floor registers. As you know I don't even dry my hair as a rule. Maybe, I would if I had those great floor registers. One thing I liked about it was that I could lay down and still feel like I was accomplishing something because my hear was getting dry. Now, I want a big old register. Good job sissy!