Friday, January 02, 2009

An evening with no children

Both children are at a sleep over tonight. So what shall the grownups do?

I'm bringing home three movies from the library: Sideways, The Prestige, and Disturbia.

Honestly, I could care less about any of these movies. If it were up to me, I'd spend an hour playing Wii and then the rest of the evening reading.

The last movies that I brought home for Dave and I to watch were Juno and Thank you for smoking. I really liked Thank you for smoking because I thought it was very smart, but I thought Juno was just kind of weird. But I wanted to know what all the buzz was about.

The movies I'd really like to watch would be: When Harry met Sally, because that's my New Year's Eve movie and I didn't get to watch it this New Year's Eve; or, Lord of the Rings -- the entire trilogy. I don't think Dave has watched any LOTR movies from beginning to end.

Part of me feels like we should make the effort to get together with other child-free friends, but I just don't feel like making the effort to make conversation. We went out to dinner Tuesday with another couple and we had members of Dave's family over New Year's Eve, so I'm all conversationed out. Nobody wants to talk about things I find interesting anyway. Nobody has read the books I have read, either (other than my 2-person book club) so it's hard to find common ground.

Speaking of the 2-person book club -- got a book suggestion? I have no idea what's good in fiction, though I am listening to The Wite Tiger on CD and enjoying it very much.


  1. CARSON4:17 PM

    Juno is awesome.
    You are so wrong.
    Sideways is a good film without kids.
    no book suggestions...
    you are the librarian....
    come up with something.
    Can you tell I am mad at you for not posting for so long?

  2. Yeah, I knew you would be waiting for me to post.

    What was awesome about Juno? I found it unrealistic.

    How about reading: The House at Sugar Beach: In Search of a Lost African Childhood by Helene Cooper.

  3. CARSON12:51 PM

    I loved Juno.
    I loved the soundtrack.
    Juno was to me very real.
    I thought it was a slice of life.
    The characters were well developed and acted.
    I liked the passing of the seasons and the pacing of the film.
    Juno herself was REAL.
    The fingernail scene.... was as real as it gets.
    Juno was just funny.
    Laughed and laughed.
    The film was also original (Thanks RIck).
    I could go on but will not as you clearly have lost your mind and do not know a great piece of cinema when you see it.
    About reading... could we read something else?
    I have to read the Shack and I do not want to... but I could use a partner.