Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Black Socks

We have a division of labor in our home.
Rick does the yard/outdoor duties, the laundry and the dishes.
The girls all have tasks.
I have other jobs.
(I will let you believe that they are too numerous to mention here.)
As I was getting ready for school this morning,
I opened the sock drawer to see my last pair of black socks.
This was bad news.
I wear black socks everyday to work.
Out of the corner of my eye, I caught THE sock basket.
good news: clean socks
bad news: not sorted.
Over the years we have tried to streamline the sort.
We have tried to individualize the socks by one style and two colors per person.
We have paid the children by the pair to sort.
(We pay children for no other job in our home.)
We even tried plastic rings sold by Tupperware to hold dirty pairs together in the wash.
We have thrown away all unmatched socks and bought all new socks.
(We really did this and I am not ashamed. Desperate people do desperate things.)
All paths have met the same end.... the dreaded SOCK basket.
Please do not write in with ideas to combat this.
Feel free, however, to commiserate, sort and bring over socks.


  1. Oh how I understand this post! Keep 'em commin!

  2. Ugh, the sock sort. Laundry in general is a terrible thing. Until you realize how blessed you are to have socks to sort and clean clothes by the mountain to fold and put away. Still it is a pain. I like that you asked for no suggestions on how to combat this problem. Though I am sure there are many out there who could weigh in with their two cents. Me, I am just as baffled and overwhelmed and will leave the ideas to others. Love ya Sissy!