Monday, January 19, 2009


Every time I happen to look up and see the clock read 6:39, I heave a sorrowful sigh.
I have personal moment of silence in memory of my childhood home whose address was 639 Sycamore St.
Sadly, 639 was torn down in 1993 by eminent domain to build a football field for the junior high across the street.

A few days ago, Julie asked me to write a description of my childhood home.
I have a vivid and vast recollection of that home and its furnishings.
I will share however just a basic sketch of what I recall.
The front porch held my porch swing where I waited for my daddy and many a visitor.
As you entered the front door there was a small entry hall.
I remember when my mother redid the hall by adding new rugs, wall paper and stained glass panes.
She was HGTV before it existed
I inherited both the porch swing and the window with the stained glass panes she put in herself.
I shared a large bedroom with my sister. We divided that room in half as sisters do.
Our room had tall windows that went from floor to 8 feet or so up.
The living room had a light blue and green shag carpet and a gold velvet sleeper couch.
We watched TV there often fighting over both the show and who got to use the green vinyl bean bag.
639 had one bathroom with no shower only a tub.
The bathroom opened to 3 rooms: my brothers room, my parents' room, and the dining room.
People who visited got stressed out trying to get all those doors shut!
Our dining room was used for mostly entertaining which happened quite often in our home.
The dining room led to the kitchen.
The kitchen had red patterned carpet and an avocado green refrigerator. We ate most meals there.
What really stays in my mind though was going out the wood framed screen door from our kitchen to our back yard.
Going out that door with baskets of wet laundry to hang up on the line.
Going out that door to pick strawberries from the patch in the back.
Going out that door to get my pink, flowered banana seat bike off the white lattice covered back porch.
I can both hear and see it all in my mind as the house no longer stands.
Before the home was taken by wrecking ball, Rick and my mom stole over in the dark of night and removed the house numbers for me.
Just numbers.
Numbers that gave my home an address and a place to reside in my mind.
NOTE: The sketch above was an assignment for me in 7th grade art

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  1. Thank you sissy for the sweet walk down memory lane. Blogging is good therapy. I have some of those same memories. Having my own bananna seat, yello bike named Daisy. Loved the drawing of the house. I remember doing the same. I believe it was Mr. Wischmeier that gave that assignment. I can't believe that Mom had not already take the numbers. She took everything else. And I do mean everything. Gutters, carpet, air conditioner. You name it, she took it and we had to dig through it the summer after she left us for her heavenly home. She doesn't need any of it there. We both do the same thing with the time: I always seem to look at 6:39 and 9:19. Morning or evening. Bittersweet reminders! Love you seester! Better get back to facebook so I can chat with you!