Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top Chef spoiler alert!

Warning -- if you haven't watched Top Chef and don't know who was eliminated, then you might want to stop reading now.



Here we go.

First let's talk winners.

Yea for Jeff! Stefan didn't want him to do the sorbet, but everybody loved it. Lesson learned -- stand up for yourself when you know you're right.

Yea for Ariane. Kind of surprised that it wasn't Jamie, but you know what? It's a competition. Take the win. Lesson learned -- if you want to win, make the main component of the dish, not the garnish.

Yea for Carla. I guess. I think she took the high road by not coming right out and saying that Daniel ruined her dish. When I think she really could have. Well, she's safe for one more round. Lesson learned -- stand up for yourself again -- and don't take your eyes off your entree!

Yea for Daniel. For not being a baby and crying when he got the boot. That was pretty short and sweet.

Yea for Eugene? He smokes? And Stefan too? How can you be a great chef AND a smoker? I would think that smoking would ruin your taste buds. Whatever. Eugene. I've been rooting for you, but if you want me to continue to root for you, you have to cook something besides sushi. Your days are numbered.

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