Monday, December 01, 2008

Top Chef recap

I'm so glad that Top Chef is back on the air. I really do enjoy it. I stayed up until 12:30 am last night watching last Wednesday's episode.

First off, I'm sure I'm showing my age, but while I do know of the Foo Fighters, I can't say that I can actually name any of their songs. So the celebrity aspect of the show didn't do anything for me. The prize of going to their concert wouldn't be a big deal.

I think they do a Thanksgiving challenge every season. The twist of only microwaves and toaster ovens would have done me in. Guess I'm not very adaptable when it comes to cooking.

I need to say right here that I don't like Leah. I'm not sure why, but I just don't. She did play it safe, picking all the "right" people for her team. Hated the team name. Team Sexy Pants? Ugh.

I'm glad that Ariane redeemed herself by making the superior turkey. I don't think she's going to last long, but I think it's nice that she gets one good acknowledgement before she goes.

You know who I do like? Eugene and Jeff. I'm afraid for Eugene because he doesn't have the training that the other contestants have, but maybe he's a chef savant. He's done some things that the judge have really enjoyed. The makeshift barbeque showed his ability to be creative. I'm rooting for Eugene.

I like Jeff, but for all the wrong reasons. Let's face it, he's cute. Did you notice that in the intro he winks? Yeah, he's the pretty boy and he knows it, but frankly, I don't care. I do like that he stepped up and tried to take the lead for his team. I was surprised that he didn't get asked to pack his knives and leave, because usually the person who takes on the leader role is the one who bears the brunt if things go awry. Then again, he was more an unofficial leader of the team. At any rate, I don't think he'll last too much longer. Good looks will only get you so far. Then again, consider how long Sam and CJ lasted on other seasons. (But Sam really could cook.)

I don't like that the winning team didn't have to face the judges table. While everyone was eating, they had some major criticisms for the team, which they never got to hear. I also didn't like that there was no one "Top Chef" for the episode. The judges should have acknowledged one chef as being the standout for the challenge.

All in all, I of course, enjoyed the show. I may even re-watch it tonight. But "The Closer" is on right now and I believe I shall watch that and blog about my Thanksgiving weekend.

Ironically enough, we just watched Boston Legal where Carl Sack pointed out that people don't give their full attention to television shows while watching them. Yeah. Ever since we got this tablet PC, which we keep in the family room, I'm usually online at the same time the TV is on.

Peace out, dawgs!

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