Friday, December 05, 2008

Time to post

Wednesday night was the 3rd-5th graders turn to lead the Advent service. The program was "A King is coming!" The citizens of a town knew that a king was coming but had different ideas about what kind of king it would be. The king of rock and roll? King Tut? King of the jungle?

Of course, the King turned out to be Jesus and only two children of the town were able to remind the citizens about Jesus coming to us at Christmas.

The best part of the whole evening was when the one girl read the Christmas story from Luke 2. She sounded EXACTLY like Linus from a Charlie Brown Christmas. I talked with a couple of parents afterward who were totally in agreement. Then I talked to the girl's father and when I started talking he said "didn't she sound like Linus?" None of us would have been surprised if she had ended her Bible passage by saying "That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown." It was awesome.

Last night I went out with my sisters in law and my niece and her friend and mother in law. Whatever, it was a girls night out. We went to Cheeseburger in Paradise.

I had intended to go straight from work, but Dave got hung up on a conference call so I had to run all the way home, pick up Hannah from choir, pick up Michelle from piano lessons and spend some time with her trying to convince her not to quit band again.

Guess she had a bad day, musically. She's playing this baritone sax that's really old. It tends to squeak and the band director didn't have time to stop and fix it. Then she wasn't prepared for her piano lesson and so that had her upset as well. So we had tears over all that.

I think she's hit that big trouble spot in piano that all kids hit. Either you work through it (like I did) or you quit (like I let Hannah do). In Hannah's case, I think it was okay, because she has excelled at trumpet. I'm not ready to let Michelle quit piano. I think she likes it more than Hannah ever did, so I think she needs to stick it out for a while longer.

Anyway, that's getting off topic -- wait, did I have a topic?

Tonight I'm working late, as we are having a "weeding party". That's where we pull old items from the shelves that aren't being used in order to make room for new stuff. I'm going to be really tired when we're through. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday....

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