Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

It was a very nontraditional Thanksgiving for us this year.

We went to my parents' house Wednesday after I got off work. We were pleasantly surprised how light traffic was getting out of town.

So we got there around 9 pm and the first thing Michelle did was get out the game, Payday. So we played a few rounds before bed.

We went to church Thursday morning at my Mom's neighbor's church. It was a small crowd -- very small. Like less than 30 people small, so when the six of us walked in, it was a big deal. The pastor was very friendly and welcoming, which was nice, but then he made us stand up before the service and introduce ourselves. Not cool.

We went home after that, and that's when I started feeling ill. Like really ill. While everyone else enjoyed turkey, potatoes and green beans, I was lying on the couch sleeping. So the day was pretty much a loss for me.

Dave and Hannah had planned on going shopping Friday morning, but Friday morning Dave was ill and had to take to his bed. So Hannah and I went out together. Bath and Body works had some good deals. We looked around Waldenbooks, but didn't purchase anything. We walked around a few other stores in the mall, but didn't purchase much else. We went to Toys R Us, but the line snaked its way around the store and there wasn't anything there we were willing to stand in line for.

Our last stop was Game Stop. We just can't resist a video game store. The associates were very friendly and I asked if they had any Wii Fits. They had one left! Hooray! I'll take it! I was pretty excited.

The rest of the day was pretty low key. We had brought the Nintendo 64 with us and despite Dave's warnings that it wasn't going to work with my parents' TV, I got it to work just fine. So we played N64, ping pong, Masterpiece and dominoes.

Saturday my parents took the kids to a local children's museum in the morning, but we all met for lunch at Taco John's. No one believed me that it would be better than Taco Bell, but Taco John's rocks socks! And everyone agreed. Saturday night we were all feeling much better and went to visit a librarian friend of mine who moved to my parents' hometown about a year ago. So that was nice.

The snow was coming down pretty hard by Saturday night so we decided to get up nice and early Sunday morning and head home. It was still snowing when we left town, but the further we traveled, the better the roads got. We were home by 1 pm, which left us with the better part of the day to unpack and unwind before getting back to the daily grind on Monday.

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