Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas thoughts

What a difference a good night's sleep makes.

Last night Iwas NOT in the Christmas mood. In fact, I was angry, annoyed and (probably most of all) tired.

With predictions of a horrible snowstorm coming, the kids' band concert was postponed AGAIN -- but it wasn't even snowing yet. I was looking forward to the concert, but now I just want to get it over with. Now it will be January 7.

Instead we went to the mall. Michelle needed to buy a present for a birthday party next week and Hannah wanted to buy presents for a couple of her friends at school. It was kind of annoying shopping with a 13-year old who didn't know what she wanted to buy. At least I found a Tinkerbell lantern kit that Michelle wanted -- at a fraction of the normal price. So that was good.

But walking around the mall made me think about money. And so I started worrying about money. Which is nothing new, but it irritates me because I have no reason to worry about money and yet I do.

It still hadn't started snowing at 8:00 when we went home so I started to think that the weather forecasters were off their rockers.

I still had to put gift tags on the items I had bought for my colleagues at work, and I hadn't even printed out my Christmas letter, which is lame this year. Dave tried to get me to sit down and watch The Office but I groused to him that I had too much to do.

I printed out the letters and got all the Christmas cards ready. But I did not do it joyfully, which bothers me. Christmas cards should bring joy. I hope that the recipients don't sense the anger I was feeling as I put the cards together.

Then I was angry about the clutter that Christmas inevitably brings. While I love Christmas decorations, I always feel like everything in my home has been displaced.

But this morning is different. It's a snow day. And even the library is closed! (Hallelujah!) And I got to sleep in! Well, I got three phone calls at 5:30 am, but those were telling me that there was no school/no work today. So I enjoyed two more hours of blissful, blissful sleep.

And now, I'm enjoying a lovely fried egg and a buttery slice of sammie bread, catching up on Colbert and blogging. There's only the tiniest bit of concern that I will get a phone call from my boss at 11:00 am saying that we're going to open the library at 1:00 pm or something.
But I think I can deal with that because the Christmas cards are done, the Christmas shopping is done and now I can concentrate on opening my heart to receive the Christ Child who comes to bring peace, joy and love.

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