Monday, November 10, 2008

What would Disney do?

Today I had the opportunity to respond to a potentially unpleasant situation and to implement a Disney mindset as well.

Over the weekend a patron put his CD into one of the public PCs. Literally. This particular PC does not have a CD drive and he just shoved it into the cabinet in the tiny space between the floppy drive and the case of the computer.

So it was stuck there. The library staff tried to explain that we would have to call a technician to remove the PC case and retrieve the CD. They said it might be a couple of days before someone could come out.

I guess the guy was pretty unpleasant about it.

So today I cracked open the PC and sure enough, there was the CD in question. Unfortunately, it was cracked beyond use. (It was also filthy and I can't believe that it would actually work!)

So my Disney response was to put his broken CD, a brand new blank CD and a USB flash drive into an envelope for him. I called him to explain that I had his CD, but it was damaged and would not be any good. He was audibly upset, but once I explained that we were giving him a new CD AND the USB flash drive, he was pretty much rendered speechless.

You're welcome.

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