Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Catching up

What happened since that last blog post? It's kind of frightening to say that I can't actually remember. Dave took Monday off of work and attempted to lay some new floor tiles in the bathroom. They look okay to me, but apparently there is something that he has to re-do, like they aren't sticking down the way he wants them to. All this means for me is that right now I can't use my shower. We have to use the kids' bathroom instead. Not the worst thing in the world, but my favorite shampoo and conditioner are in the other shower. I think Monday night I was a bum. I remember watching Boston Legal and playing a lot of Cooking Mama.

Tuesday night I had my flute choir rehearsal. It was a little disappointing as I only had 2 out of my usual 5 flutes. One told me ahead of time she couldn't come. My best player has some sort of bacterial infection. One just didn't show up at all. The worst part is that we are scheduled to play in church this Sunday! Well, I think we're ready anyway. After flute choir, Hannah and I stayed at church and I let her play on the drum kit that the praise band uses. She's been trying to convince me that she can play the drums, but I remained skeptical. Turns out, she does know on basic rhythm, and she can keep a beat. Not too shabby. We'll have to make it a point to practice more, and I need to get the praise band drummer to teach her some more rhythms.

I guess that brings us up to tonight. Well, it was half price margaritas and 99 cent tacos, of course. Then Hannah's drama group had their little practice. While she was gone, the rest of us vegged out in front of AFV. Then after the kids went to bed, I did some more Cooking Mama and now I'm determined to get something accomplished. I need to pick the hymns for the Saturday night services for December. I figure this should be pretty easy.

Tomorrow is Michelle's birthday (11!!) and tonight she was telling me how she was worried about getting everything done tomorrow. She's got early band and is worried about being late. Then I have to pull her out of school for an appointment with an oral surgeon. The orthodontist wants to pull 12 (!!!) of her teeth (8 baby teeth, 4 permanent ones) then get her into braces right away. Poor kid. She's not having the teeth pulled tomorrow, it's just the initial consult. Then it's back to school, then piano lessons after school, then we're going out for dinner for her birthday.

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