Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still busy, but making progress

Left work at the usual time.
Drove straight from the library to Michelle's last volleyball game of the season.
They won! (Beat those bratty kids from Naperville)
Took photo of volleyball team. (Michelle is back row, second from the right. Lucky number 7.)

Drove home. (This is no small feat these days. The major road between church/school and our house is completely under construction. What used to be a 5 minute commute is now almost 20 minutes.)
Dave brought home dinner from Taco Bell. (They shorted us a chili cheese burrito!)
Finished eating just in time to take Hannah to Drama Ministry.
Went to Micheal's to look for glow sticks.
Found the glow sticks (cheap!) but then their cash registers all went offline. (drat!)
Went to the party store. Jackpot! Found all different sizes of glow sticks -- on sale!
Went to Dress Barn. Got a new dress (50% off!), a nice dressy shirt and a necklace to match the dress.
Hurried back to church where I just ended up sitting and waiting while the kids finished running their skit one more time.
Read the Park District brochure.
Went home, put the kids to bed.
Washed the top & pants for Michelle's Halloween costume.
Watched Colbert.
Worked on the mini-scrapbooks I'm making (completely from scratch!) for my leadership conference in three weeks.
Took pictures of my cats. (Those are still on the camera.)
Cleaned off the desk in the office.
Checked email.
Posted to the blog.
Not sure what I'll do next.....


  1. CARSON7:42 AM

    I just watch tv.
    You really are amazing.
    I sit here in awe.
    I think it is time for you to give the CLOSER another shot.
    Steven C Frenzel thinks so too.
    If I maybe so brazen as to express the viewpoint of another.

  2. Well, I don't know. It's really just a matter of time. Right now I've got:
    Monday: Boston Legal
    Tuesday: House
    Wednesday: Top Chef (soon!)
    Thursday: The Office
    That's about all the TV I can really handle, since I also have Colbert 4 nights a week, too.

    I really am in desperate need of a massage.....

  3. Carson4:58 PM

    who isn't?

  4. CARSON4:59 PM

    Life is a Highway....
    Bah NA Na NA...