Friday, October 24, 2008

Remembrance of things past

Two things happened to me today that reminded me of Julie KS Wilder.

1. I used the big paper cutter today. Every time I use the big paper cutter I think about the time that Julie sliced her finger using the big paper cutter at the Klinck Memorial Library. I imagine she still bears the scar today.

2. As I approached the library this morning, I was greeted by a squirrel coming towards me on the sidewalk. His beady little eyes on me, as we grew closer, it became clear that he (I assume it was a male squirrel) had no intention of yielding the walkway to me. We passed within probably 2 feet of each other and then the squirrel started following me. I wondered if his plan was to attempt to enter the building when I opened the door. I first tried to "shoo" him away by raising my arms and speaking to him in my most authoritative voice. But he was not dissuaded. As quickly as I could, I opened the door and went in.

This reminded me of the time that a squirrel invaded Julie's apartment in St. Louis. I remember her relating the story of how she would come home to find her apartment in disarray and her landlord put up chicken wire to keep the squirrel out and how that did not work for very long.

Why are we so afraid of squirrels??

1 comment:

  1. CARSON7:04 PM

    I hate squirrels.
    Rick accidently cornered the neighborhood cat on on screened porch and it busted through a screen it was so crazy. Rick had a plan to go for the shovel.
    I wonder how much trouble you could get into for accidently poisoning squirrels.
    I HATE them all and wish they would die.
    I cheer when someone has run over one.
    Does that make me a bad person?