Thursday, October 09, 2008

Random topics

Michelle had her first volleyball game last night. They lost, of course, but that's okay, they played against a team of mostly boys. They were all 5th and 6th graders, though, and at this level, they were fairly evenly matched. Michelle was excited because she got quite a bit of playing time and even got one serve over the net and a couple of really good hits.

We were warned and the warning came true. The prices for our vending machines went up yesterday. Everything went up $.10 per item -- everything. So now chips are $.60, pop is $.75, and candy is $.85. So the two quarters in my pocket at lunch time netted me nothing. There was some leftover cake in the fridge that was pretty good, but I still want something salty.

Tonight will be an all new The Office! I also discovered that there is an iGoogle gadget for The Office and added that to my iGoogle page. Very cool. Then again, I already have too much stuff on my iGoogle page that keeps distracting me. I wish there was an iGoogle gadget for posting to this blog. Then I could post updates all day long.....


  1. Carson2:42 PM

    Oh... I can not wait! A new office!
    What is all this iGoogle stuff?
    I need to be educated.

  2. Go to

    Then look for the instructions on setting up your own Google interface page.