Friday, October 10, 2008

On TV?

Got an email at work this morning. ABC7 wants to come out and film during one of our programs. I guess the presenter has gotten a lot of press lately about the program she's presenting :super-couponing. ABC7 is actually doing a story about the presenter and they just want some "b-roll" footage to edit into the interview.

Now I would be remiss if I failed to point out one thing. The head of our Adult Services department has made it pretty clear that she thinks video game programs don't have any place in the library because they don't promote reading or any other services the library offers. Okay, but if that is the criteria for programming then why are we doing a program about "Super-Couponing?"


  1. Duh....super-couponing, also known by its English cousin "brilliant-couponing", is related to library services by virtue of the fact that if patrons save all that money by super-couponing, they'll have more money to check out books at the library! Duh! I'm kinda surprised you didn't think of that....

  2. CARSON8:25 PM

    Perhaps the super couponer will be offering buy 1 get 1 library card coupons or just maybe 50% off any book of your choice coupons. You underestimate the power of a coupon the thrifty shopper! Just think of the circulation boost you'll get. You usually think outside the box. Come on ....

  3. Buy one library card, get one free? Carson, YOU are a genius. I think the two of us should get a patent on that immediately. What do you plan to do with your millions?

  4. Carson11:22 AM

    Well... top 10% to God.
    I want a boat.
    I want a house with a library (I will get Julie to manage it.).
    Go to Germany. (Do they have a Disneyworld there?)
    Lastly... I will buy my husband a movie house.
    He has after all always wanted one.
    We would only show movies worthy of watching.
    What do you think?

  5. What do I think....well, first of all, kudos to you for giving the TOP 10% to God - as we know, it was Terrible Teresa who said, "I'll take the one in the middle." Middle ten percent is next to nothing - it's practically an INSULT. And don't even talk to me about the bottom ten percent. Ugh. Anyway - the other stuff is cool - especially your husband's movie house. Before I come to visit, I have to ask - how does Rick feel about sticky floors? It's just that SO many theatres I've been to lately....well, never mind. No particular reason I'm asking.....(If I could only get this stupid coupon off the bottom of my shoe!)

  6. CARSON8:58 AM

    by the way, Julie....
    I think it is cool that you will be on "b-roll" footage.
    Very cool.

  7. Well, I'm not saying that I'll be on the footage at all. After all, the program is here at the library in the evening. So I'd have to actually work in the evening. Please. After all, I didn't become Assistant Director so that I could work evenings.

  8. I think both Maria and I would pay a goodly sum of money to have video of you screaming the phrase, "I DIDN'T BECOME ASSISTANT DIRECTOR SO THAT I COULD WORK EVENINGS!" at the top of your lungs, before slamming a door and storming out of the library. A goodly sum - a princely sum.