Friday, October 24, 2008

Just a dream

Thanks for the encouraging comments. It was, however, just a daydream. I can't see myself walking away from the library world just when I'm poised for a directorship. I'm just waiting for one to come along.....

It's just been a slow couple of weeks at work. Everything has been really routine and kind of boring, really. I miss having my own department to run; someplace where I have a lot of influence. I only supervise the maintenance crew, which is two guys, and there's not a lot that has to be done to supervise them.

I've been at the new job for almost two years and already the seeds of discontent are beginning to sprout into the seedlings of restlessness. The bad thing about working someplace that's really great is that there's so little room for change and improvement -- i.e. it's boring.

At my old library things were so bad, that we always learned to kind of go with the flow. Here, things are so good, that even the tiniest ripple in the waters of contentment evokes a tsunami of rage from some of the staff members. So much for my resolution to stop rolling my eyes so much.

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