Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How could I have been so careless?

Tonight I did something I've only ever done one other time in all my years of video game playing. I accidentally saved over a game file with the wrong one.

A few years back I had two different files going (can't remember why) on the game Dark Cloud 2. In one file, I was significantly further along in the game than the other. We're talking probably a good 40 hours of playing time. When I went to save, I wasn't thinking about which file I was on, I had probably just defeated a boss or something. Anyway, I was pretty upset with myself to lose 40 hours of time invested in a game.

Fortunately, tonight's accidental save wasn't as bad. Hannah and I have been sort of competing to see which one of us can play through Twilight Princess first. We were pretty much neck and neck in the overall storyline, though I had a few more heart pieces than she did. I also had tracked down and defeated a few more Poe ghosts than she had and probably opened more treasure chests as well.

What actually happened is that instead of opening my file when starting the game, I opened her file and played for a little bit. I have a tendency to save more frequently than she does and after getting a couple of items, I went to save the game and, of course, saved in my file slot. It took us a minute to figure out why my file (where my character's name was TomNook) was now saved as Link. It was Michelle who pointed out that she noticed that Midna had referred to me as Link while I was transforming into a wolf.

Well, there was nothing we could do at that point. Michelle thought that we could turn everything off and then back on again and that would fix it, but it was too late, the game had already been saved.

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  1. CARSON3:53 PM

    I found this post disturbing.
    Let us talk about happier things...
    Top Chef on November 12, 2008.
    Whoo Hoo!