Saturday, September 20, 2008

My so called wine-filled life

When did I abandon beer and taking up wine drinking? Hm, maybe it was the reality of all those carbs in beer.

Last night I attended the DLS scholarship dinner and silent auction. I actually "won" one of the baskets. All I could really tell is that is was a nice big basket with two bottles of wine and four wine glasses. When I opened it up, it also had a book about wine, and a fancy corkscrew thing which we don't need since we got an even fancier wine opener.

But I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it also had a $25 gas card and a CD of the "1" album featuring all the Beatles' songs that reached #1 on the record charts. Bonus! I haven't listened to the Beatles much lately so it was great to listen to the album this morning while running errands.

Anyway, Dave was happy to get more wine and a friend who dropped by this afternoon told us that she won a wine party. Not sure what a wine party is, but it can't be bad. Tomorrow afternoon Dave and I are headed back to Starved Rock for some wine festival out there, but first, we'll be attending the youth group spaghetti dinner tonight where Dave will be serving wine. I think I'll pass on the wine tonight in favor of tomorrow....


  1. CARSON7:12 PM

    does a gas card in a wine basket encourage
    drinking and driving?
    glad you only used the cd and listened while driving.
    (Marias Against Drunk Driving)

  2. Ha! I hadn't thought about the gas card and the wine that way. It did not encourage me to drink and drive.

    Only 3 more days until a new The Office!!