Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I know I have about a hundred different little work projects nagging at me right now, but if I don't stop to take the time to blog, I'll just go a little crazy.

Last Friday night, I left my family again and went to a scrapbooking crop. I had my pictures from our June Disneyworld trip that I wanted to get scrapped and into the book. I need to devote some scrapbooking time to other events in our life, not just Disneyworld. I started to print off some photos from Hannah's birthday but then the printer ran out of ink and I didn't have a backup cartridge. People keep telling me I should have the cartridges refilled instead of buying a new one, but I'm still skeptical. However, I'm willing to give it a try this time around.

Saturday morning, my women's small group tackled the church kitchen. We basically did a "Clean Sweep". We pulled everything out of all the cupboards and the pantry, cleaned everything, pitched 6 garbage bags worth of junk and filled up another couple of bags of "garage sale" stuff, then put the kitchen back together. Five of us gals worked from 8 am to noon and we were exhausted afterwards. But the result is just great! We have a CLEAN kitchen at church and we cleared out enough stuff to really make it usable for cooking again.

My daughter and two of her friends tried to arrange a sleepover for Saturday night, but with all the church events we had going on it started to turn into the most complicated sleepover ever. I finally called the whole thing off and told the girls it just wasn't happening. Each girl had at least one church commmittment either Saturday night or Sunday morning -- or both! Of course, the one girls' mom pointed out "you know they're going to keep asking until we make this sleepover happen....." Yeah, I know that.

Sunday we went to the craft show at Septemberfest in Schaumburg. We didn't stay too long -- it was hot! I got sunburned. Ugh. Sunday night the parentals came to town and Monday, they wanted to go to Septemberfest. So we went early Monday morning before it got hot. This time we actually ate there. I love Septemberfest. They have good food.

In between I think I spent the rest of my weekend playing The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess. I had forgotten just how much I love that game.

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