Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm back!

And I am tired. Well, not too tired yet. Guess I'm still running off adrenaline.

We were in Disneyworld the past 5 days on a "surprise" trip that consisted of our family and two other families from Michelle's class. We and the W's stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and the L's stayed at the Polynesian. We spent more time with the W's but everybody met up for dinner together every night. It was great! (But I gained so much weight! Probably all the booze.)

Of course, while we were gone, there was a HUGE rainstorm that settled itself over the Chicago area. We heard there were streets closed all around our house. We had a couple of people check the house and everything was fine, just a little bit of water around the sump pump.

I do have a dear friend who lives in Munster, who, for all I know (since I forgot my phone AGAIN!) is floating down the river right now. I pray that she and her family are safe!!

I guess I'm supposed to say that while I had a good time, I'm glad to be home. I'm not all that glad. Personally, I'd rather be in Disneyworld, thought the weather was so dang HOT! I'm looking forward to going in December of 2009 when the weather will be more to my liking.

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  1. CARSON3:29 PM

    Do you really expect any of us to believe that your next trip will not be until 2009?
    Your dear Munster friend is stable ... well on land that is! :).
    We only had really bad seepage in our basement.
    Lost a patch of carpeting that never should have been there to begin with!
    Glad you had a great time!
    What fun to go with your friends!