Monday, September 29, 2008

Easy to go back to work

I've been down at Navy Pier for a few days at the ILA Conference, but my boss has made it easier to go back to work today. It's "Jeans day for charity". We can wear jeans to work today if we agree to donate $5 to a charity, then we wear a button all day that says "I'm wearing jeans today to benefit a good cause."

The idea is that we'll have jeans day once a month and raise money for different charities each time. This is our first time doing this and I think the charity is diabetes. I'm not sure exactly to whom the money goes, but I know it's diabetes related. Frankly, I don't really care, I just like wearing jeans to work!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'd rather be playing Wii

I haven't played the Wii at all since Labor Day weekend. I had started re-playing through Twilight Princess but our weekends have gotten swallowed up by school and church commitments. I hadn't actually missed playing Wii until tonight.

I think what made me miss it was the ILA conference. I've been attending the ILA conference yesterday and today. I sat with my boss at one session titled "What your library director wants you to know: what to tell your library director". It was kind of a mish-mash of random thoughts from two local library directors. I think they sort of lost their focus but they did have a couple of good points.

One had to do with staff taking initiative to go to their library directors and offer to take on extra projects. Their point was that you should tell your library director (or immediate supervisor) if you are one of those people who is willing to try new things.

So I leaned over to my boss and said "I just want you to know that whenever you're ready to start doing gaming in the library I will be more than happy to head it up." Yes, I have a personal agenda to get more gaming in the library. I don't have a strong desire to work with teens, but if I were introducing games into the library I personally wouldn't start with teens.

First, I'd start a seniors only bowling league. We could meet once a month for Wii bowling and keep track of scores and have tournaments and prizes. Then, I'd have a family or intergenerational event. I'd pick some team game like tennis or Mario Kart and require a child to sign up with a parent or guardian.

I think you need the support of non-teens to really give gaming in the library some "teeth". By winning over the audiences that might be the most likely to protest, then you gain credibility. Oh, I've got it! We have a "gaming academy" where parents can come and hone their video game skills so that they can go back home and beat their kids at the games! How about that??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Got $175 just lying around?

Then go to Common Threads and you can sample fare from the contestants on Top Chef.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Saturday afternoon I got a haircut. I know, no big deal, but I decided I wanted bangs again. For nearly all my life, I have had bangs. Then a few years ago, I decided I was really motivated to grow them out. And I did. So for the past few years I have not had bangs.

I have had mixed feelings about this. I have a birthmark on my forehead that I do not like, but apparently it is not that noticeable to other people. So I wasn't crazy about that, but it seemed like I was the only person in the world who had bangs and it was kind of fun feeling like I had an "in" hairstyle. Recently, though, I've looked back on enough pictures where I had my hair up in a ponytail, and I don't like the way it looks. So finally this weekend I had enough courage to get the bangs again.

Saturday night and Sunday were horrible because the bangs still wanted to puff up and go back to the sides. Finally, this morning they laid down again in the correct position, so they don't look so strange. I also got a lot of long layers cut in at the same time, so I feel like I actually have a hair "style" right now.

I'm sure it will be months (possibly longer) now before I go back and get another haircut. I can trim my own bangs at home and plan to just let the rest of it grow out.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My so called wine-filled life

When did I abandon beer and taking up wine drinking? Hm, maybe it was the reality of all those carbs in beer.

Last night I attended the DLS scholarship dinner and silent auction. I actually "won" one of the baskets. All I could really tell is that is was a nice big basket with two bottles of wine and four wine glasses. When I opened it up, it also had a book about wine, and a fancy corkscrew thing which we don't need since we got an even fancier wine opener.

But I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it also had a $25 gas card and a CD of the "1" album featuring all the Beatles' songs that reached #1 on the record charts. Bonus! I haven't listened to the Beatles much lately so it was great to listen to the album this morning while running errands.

Anyway, Dave was happy to get more wine and a friend who dropped by this afternoon told us that she won a wine party. Not sure what a wine party is, but it can't be bad. Tomorrow afternoon Dave and I are headed back to Starved Rock for some wine festival out there, but first, we'll be attending the youth group spaghetti dinner tonight where Dave will be serving wine. I think I'll pass on the wine tonight in favor of tomorrow....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why am I blogging?

I really don't have time for a blog post, do I? After all, I've got my Facebook profile to monitor now. Gotta get that flair!

It's hard to believe that just a week ago I was back in EPCOT, drinking my way around Word Showcase. I feel like I still haven't gotten caught up yet.

I had intended to get a haircut and a new dress for a scholarship dinner I'm going to tonight. Well, that didn't happen. But I've got a nice dress anyway, and great shoes at least. I wish I had time to do something about my hair, though. Oh well.

I got to be part of a really cool meeting this morning. We had an architect come out and give some suggestions on ways we could rearrange different parts of the library. I was somewhat skeptical, but I really liked what she had to say. Of course, I especially liked the part about me getting a new office....

It will be interesting to see what the library board gives their approval to. I think all the changes would make a big difference.

Then I went with my boss to a local seniors luncheon. Once a month a couple of librarians go and bring a bunch of donations to give away to the seniors who come to the luncheon. (and what's the difference between lunch and luncheon anyway?) I have to say, these gals were like vultures! As soon as they came out of their lunch room they made a bee line for our tables and were just grabbing things right and left!! But they were all funny and soooo nice and very appreciative of us bringing the books to them. It felt really good to be making them happy.

Unfortunately I had to come back to work and make a staff member unhappy. She wanted me to make a change to our online calendar and I tried to talk her out of it. I got very frustrated because I just couldn't convince her that the way it was configured was correct. In the end, I refused to change it and she was extremely curt with me.

But then some of my new leadership training kicked in. I don't have to say yes. It's my call and I stand behind my decision. She can pout all she wants, but the answer is no. I briefly recounted the story to my boss as she had shared with me a frustrating encounter of her own. But we both supported each other and said that we did the right thing. I can respect that.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm back!

And I am tired. Well, not too tired yet. Guess I'm still running off adrenaline.

We were in Disneyworld the past 5 days on a "surprise" trip that consisted of our family and two other families from Michelle's class. We and the W's stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and the L's stayed at the Polynesian. We spent more time with the W's but everybody met up for dinner together every night. It was great! (But I gained so much weight! Probably all the booze.)

Of course, while we were gone, there was a HUGE rainstorm that settled itself over the Chicago area. We heard there were streets closed all around our house. We had a couple of people check the house and everything was fine, just a little bit of water around the sump pump.

I do have a dear friend who lives in Munster, who, for all I know (since I forgot my phone AGAIN!) is floating down the river right now. I pray that she and her family are safe!!

I guess I'm supposed to say that while I had a good time, I'm glad to be home. I'm not all that glad. Personally, I'd rather be in Disneyworld, thought the weather was so dang HOT! I'm looking forward to going in December of 2009 when the weather will be more to my liking.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guess where we're going.....

So my schedule from last night got a little changed. I had the most awesome phone call at 3:30 pm. I wish I could have talked longer, but I needed to leave work on time.

The volleyball game went fine. Hannah started, but didn't get to play for very long. They lost both games. We had dinner at the slowest Quizno's in existence. (Or are all Quizno's slow??)

But when I went to band practice, they sent me home. To pack. Huh? Pack? For what? Dave has been planning a surprise trip to (where else) Disneyworld! He's been working on this since March. I can't believe he kept it a secret.

Three months ago he called my boss to make sure I could get the time off work. He also arranged to get a substitute piano player for this weekend. And he arranged with the kids' teachers to get homework, etc. At least they are doing MAP testing this week so they shouldn't have too much work to make up.

So there you go! We're leaving tomorrow morning! W00t!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just an ordinary day

6:15 am - wake up
6:20 am - close windows (it's cold!)
7:10 am - search for missing volleyball uniform for a game later today (could not locate)
7:20 am - yell at kids that the bus is outside waiting for them
7:30 am - on the road to work
8:30 am - finish major software installation
9:30 am - PRAY!
11:30 am - write press releases
1:00 pm - the door installers that I specifically told to call me to schedule installation just showed up. Grrr....
1:15 pm - lunch!
2:30 pm - call child to find out that the volleyball uniform has been found (hooray! Amazing how a lost volleyball uniform can cause you so much stres.....)
3:00 pm - write blog post and ponder the upcoming afternoon/evening schedule:
4:30 pm - leave work
5:00 pm - watch volleyball game
6:00 pm - dinner on the go with parents who drove out just to watch volleyball game
7:00 pm - my band practice
7:00 pm - PTL night - and band sign up for the kids
8:00 pm - hopefully everything will have gone off without a hitch. We'll see....

Friday, September 05, 2008


I only have random thoughts for now. I number them only for ease of commenting.

1. At the beginning of this week, we had nothing on our calendar, other than going to church for the entire weekend - nothing! I wasn't playing anywhere, Dave was not eldering, we had no committments other than we could pick what church service to attend. I was so looking forward to this nothingness. Then I got an email from a friend who I promised to play the piano for in October. The only time that I can rehearse with his band is Saturday at 11:30 am. Ugh! So that means I have 10:30 am - 2:00 pm committed. Spleesh! I really wanted to clean the house this Saturday. After cleaning the church kitchen last Saturday, I feel like I need to focus on my own house. I guess I can at least make the kids vacuum and dust.

2. My boss wore white shoes to work yesterday. I didn't point out to her that Labor Day had passed.

3. I now have a cardiologist. Last week, I went to see him to have my mitral valve prolapse evaluated. Oh, it's there all right, and I am probably at a higher risk than most people for a TIA, but there's nothing imminent to be concerned with. Next February I have to have another doppler echocardiogram and a stress echo. That's the test where you have to run on a treadmill and they monitor your heart. I told the doctor that I don't run unless something is chasing me.

4. I've had a busy couple of days updating software at work. There is an update for the software we use to connect to our online catalog. Technically, I'm not supposed to start loading the update until next Tuesday, but it's available now and I have the time now so I started anyway. So far, I don't think the universe has collapsed. I actually only have 7 computers left to update. Go me!

5. Our waterbed (yes, we have a waterbed) has apparently sprung a leak. Should I be concerned about this? I haven't decided. We've had other waterbed mattresses leak and all you have to do is find the leak and patch it. Shouldn't be a big deal.

6. I forgot my cell phone at home this morning. It feels very strange not to have it here at work.

7. I have two reminders that keep popping up on my screen here at work. I should probably quit posting and take care of the two items.

8. Have you ever tried to get 30 people from all over the state to come to a consensus about something via email? It just doesn't work.

9. Last night I ditched my family -- again. I went over to help someone from church get ready to move. Her husband works long and odd hours and they have a three year old and a three month old. I mostly held the baby and read books to the three year old. I packed a few boxes, after the kids went to bed, but I feel like I didn't help that much, although she assured me that I was a great help. That's good.

10. Hannah's first volleyball game is next week. I'm really proud of the progress she's made. I don't really care if they win or not, but I hope that the teams are fairly evenly matched. We have a button-making machine at work and I want to make buttons with all the girls on the team on them for their parents.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pamper yourself

Today Not Martha was raving about items from Product Body. I have to admit, they look super tempting. And Christmas is only 112 days away....

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I know I have about a hundred different little work projects nagging at me right now, but if I don't stop to take the time to blog, I'll just go a little crazy.

Last Friday night, I left my family again and went to a scrapbooking crop. I had my pictures from our June Disneyworld trip that I wanted to get scrapped and into the book. I need to devote some scrapbooking time to other events in our life, not just Disneyworld. I started to print off some photos from Hannah's birthday but then the printer ran out of ink and I didn't have a backup cartridge. People keep telling me I should have the cartridges refilled instead of buying a new one, but I'm still skeptical. However, I'm willing to give it a try this time around.

Saturday morning, my women's small group tackled the church kitchen. We basically did a "Clean Sweep". We pulled everything out of all the cupboards and the pantry, cleaned everything, pitched 6 garbage bags worth of junk and filled up another couple of bags of "garage sale" stuff, then put the kitchen back together. Five of us gals worked from 8 am to noon and we were exhausted afterwards. But the result is just great! We have a CLEAN kitchen at church and we cleared out enough stuff to really make it usable for cooking again.

My daughter and two of her friends tried to arrange a sleepover for Saturday night, but with all the church events we had going on it started to turn into the most complicated sleepover ever. I finally called the whole thing off and told the girls it just wasn't happening. Each girl had at least one church commmittment either Saturday night or Sunday morning -- or both! Of course, the one girls' mom pointed out "you know they're going to keep asking until we make this sleepover happen....." Yeah, I know that.

Sunday we went to the craft show at Septemberfest in Schaumburg. We didn't stay too long -- it was hot! I got sunburned. Ugh. Sunday night the parentals came to town and Monday, they wanted to go to Septemberfest. So we went early Monday morning before it got hot. This time we actually ate there. I love Septemberfest. They have good food.

In between I think I spent the rest of my weekend playing The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess. I had forgotten just how much I love that game.