Monday, August 04, 2008

A weekend of food and photographs

This weekend's activities consisted primarily of two things: 1) preparing photographs for scrapbooking and 2) eating.

Going completely digital with our photographs used to cripple me from a scrapbooking standpoint. It used to be that you took your film to the store and you got what photos were on that roll, either 31/2x5 or 4x6 and you had to base your scrapbooking on what you had in front of you. If you wanted a big picture, you had to either special order it or, more recently, you could make a color copy. But that was pretty much it. You had to design your page around whatever photos you had in front of you.

But with digital photography, you get to pick out exactly which photos you want and the size and shape that you want them and you can enhance them in pretty much any way you want. Want to make a bold impression, print everything in black and white or sepia! It used to be that this total and complete freedom to do whatever I wanted overwhelmed me. I had too much under my control and felt pressured (from myself only, of course) to push my scrapbooking efforts to higher and higher levels of creativity.

Thank heaven for the Cherish program from Close to my Heart. Cherish is a book that gives you sample scrapbook layouts, including instructions on what size of photos to use, how much paper you will need and a complete recipe for putting it all together. Using this resource has gotten me excited about scrapbooking again. I just use my HP printing software to identify a group of photos and then I look in the book to find a layout that fits the photos, and I print out the photos in exactly the size and shape I want, so I don't waste precious ink or paper.

So all the photos from my last two Disney trips are printed and ready to go!

In between my photo printing, we went to the Taste of Roselle. It's not a really great event, but it's close to home and it's not a hassle to get in and out of. Parking is free and close by as well. There is one shop that has wine tasting and there are a couple of caterers who have tents with pretty good food. Usually we go to see the band Synod, but they weren't playing this year. At least the weather was nice enough that you didn't mind sitting outside next to a major train crossing and having festival type food. I'm much more looking forward to Septemberfest.

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  1. CARSON7:14 PM

    Good for you.
    Cherish sounds neat.
    We have major trouble here.
    Bad storm.
    we are ok. things can be replaced but what a pain.
    I am at a friend's borrowing her wireless connection.
    Bah humbug.