Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer never tasted so good!

You know what tastes good that I didn't think I would like? Taco Bell's Mango Fruitista Freeze. You buy one, you take it home, you add rum, then sit back and enjoy!

You know what else is good? Get some Chi-Chi's brand premixed margarita, then add crushed ice, and a handful of freshly picked raspberries from the backyard. Blend until smooth. Yum. (This is also good with an extra shot of rum as well.)

Speaking of rum.. (why is the rum gone?)

We finally watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end last night. So the trilogy is complete ... or is it? Hannah thought it was one of the greatest movies ever, (she mostly thought it was cool that a girl would be the pirate king) Dave got tired and didn't finish watching it (he said he'd catch the end later...) and I barely had a clue what was going on, so it was just eye candy for me.


  1. CARSON12:54 PM

    What a pleasure it is to read your blog.
    You are so real.
    You are also informative.
    What are you; a librarian?

  2. Both drinks just sound so yummy. Woudln't it be lovely to enjoy them on a deserted island with Capt. Jack? Maybe Will is your eye candy? I am a Capt. Jack fan!

  3. CARSON7:41 PM

    Tried the new mango Fruitista Freeze today without rum. shared one with the girls. I liked it well enough but think the rum might be the secret that gives it a real kick.