Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Much ado about life

Sorry for the lack of postings. It's been a busy and strange few days. Last Wednesday we shipped the kids off to Indiana with their cousins. They made the trek down to Brownstown for the Jackson County Fair. While they were gone, Dave and I headed off to Utica and spent a couple of days bumming around Starved Rock and the surrounding area. Did you know that in the tiny little town of Utica there are four different places you can do wine tasting? Oh yes, we tried them all.

Now, I'm not one for hiking or spending time "enjoying nature" unless it's a sanitized Disney kind of nature experience, but I actually enjoyed hiking the trails at Starved Rock. The scenery isn't hugely spectacular, being in Illinois, but it was a pleasant day and the trails are not too strenuous. i guess it's good to "get away" once in a while and just relax.

What was stressful was returning home and realizing that I hadn't sent out birthday cards to my grandmother or my mother-in-law. I'm such a slouch about sending out birthday cards.

Let's see, then my parents came to town for a couple of days. This was the first really big trip for my Dad since his surgery and it was a little rough on him. Not horrible, but he was more tired than when they were at home, which made my Mother stressed, which made me stressed.

I went home early from work sick on Monday. I just felt miserable. Tuesday was a horrible day at work due to us making some big Internet changes that didn't go as smoothly as planned. But today was a good day at work, partly because I spent most of my day out of the building. I met with other area librarians who do marketing while some of what we talked about was old hat for me, I did come away with a renewed energy -- plus, I am going to lead an experiment in creativity at our next meeting. So I'm really looking forward to that.

Tonight I finished reading Weird ideas that work by Robert Sutton. This book lists things that companies can do to foster creativity and innovation. I'm anxious to try to implement some of the ideas, though I don't know how much I will really be able to do it. But this is a really great book and I think the ideas can apply to businesses of all kinds, not just big corporate business.

After posting this, I really should be off to bed, but I'll probably continue to sort though photos from our Disney trip in June, trying to decide which ones I want to print out for the scrapbook. I'm two Disney trips behind in my scrapbooking!! I've got to get going....

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