Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fun at the library

We've actually had some excitement this week. The technical services department is getting new cubicles. Yesterday was demolition day and today they are installing the new furniture. The noise coming from that room is making it hard for me to take a desperately needed nap.

My job was to move all the computers to the conference room as a temporary workspace for the employees during the installation. It involved a lot of crawling under desks to disconnect things followed by crawling under tables to set things up again. It was a good opportunity to dust things that hadn't been dusted in years. That's right ... in years.

Speaking of "in years", I was browsing through one of my flash drives, looking for a document for band, when I ran across something that brought back a lot of memories. I re-discovered:

The FPS Dicker.

Years ago, when I had access to plenty of free web hosts, I converted the Dicker into html and made it into it's own web site. I don't have any web server space now, but I do have the entire Dicker saved on to a flash drive. I browsed a few of the personal profiles and found that I just couldn't stop laughing at most of them. (Or laughing with them, I guess.)

I feel bad that I haven't watched any more episodes of The Closer. The weekend was just too hectic, and Monday night I had a piano gig, followed by a 2-hour flute practice session (it was awesome!). I admit, I could have watched it last night, but I was just being a bum. I played more My Sims on the Wii. I've got a 5-star town going, and I'm trying to max out all my town's interests without resorting to using a game faq.

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