Monday, July 21, 2008

Bunco night

Last Friday night it was my turn to host Bunco night. It was just great! We had 14 people, so adding in Michelle, we had four tables! It was crazy, but a lot of fun.

I wanted to serve something a little different for snacks, so Thursday night I whipped up four different batches of herbed butter. I bought some traditional white French bread and a loaf of "birdseed" (whole grain) type bread and cut up the pieces to about cracker size and served them with the butters.

This is the butter with chives. (What was left of it Saturday morning.) Simply soften a stick of butter and mix in about 1/4 cup of fresh chopped chives. I used unsalted butter, but if I were to do this again, I would use salted butter.

Saturday morning I fried myself an egg in the leftover butter -- yummy!!

This one is parsley butter. I know, I know, it doesn't sound all that good, but I ended up really liking this one a lot.

Again, start with a softened stick of butter and add in about 1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley. I used the "flat" parsley and also put in a splash of lemon juice. Mmmmm.

If I did this one again, I'd use real lemon zest. But I don't usually have lemons on hand, just the lemon juice stuff.

This one is a little blurry, but it's just dill. Acutally, it's dill with a little bit of garlic. Again, that might sound weird, but it's a lot of dill and just a little bit of garlic.

Again -- de-lish!!

I wasn't planning on making four different butters, but I figured, what the heck, I've got four sticks of butter. So what else did I have that I could mix in? Garlic? Check. Parmesan cheese? Check. Salt and pepper? Check.

That's it! You really can't add too much garlic or cheese, in my opinion.

I had bought the little ramekins back in May when Hannah had a cooking class in school. She used them to make creme brulee for her "final project". I didn't want to buy them, but they did come in handy. The butter was a big hit! People were impressed that I "made" the butter.

So if you're going to a dinner party, or just want to give your baked potato an inferiority complex, I highly recommend making some herbed butter. So easy and so delicious! If you make some, let me know what you used!


  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    I love bunco, too! Check out my site for free party ideas.

  2. The butters look so yummy! I have fresh herbs in my garden. I will do this soon! Frying the egg in the herbed butter sounds fantastic!

    Now, let me give you some sweet ideas. Add cinnamon, or honey. Add both cinnamon and honey. Add fresh strawberries cut into small pieces and a little bit of powdered sugar. YUMMY!

    Do you know Tastefully Simple? They have a bear bread mix that is so good. You can add 7-up instead of bear and the sweet butters are so good on that.

    Hey, put the dill on your bread with a few sliced cucumbers. This is yummy!

    Great post. I just love cooking ideas!

  3. CARSON12:00 PM

    Great minds think a like!
    In May, Catherine did a demonstration for 4H called...
    "Making Butter Better".
    She did one savory and two sweet ones.
    What a great idea to put it on a baked potato and fry an egg in it.
    We had way too much for our family and could not use it all.
    i saw an idea to use lime and cilantro in a butter and and roast sweet corn in it's "skin' with that rubbed all over it. I want to make this a reality.