Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July weekend

Friday morning the girls and I walked in the parade. I have a love/hate relationship with parades. I do enjoy a good parade, but good parades are few and far between. Somehow, over time I have gone from watching them to participating in them.

The Pros and Cons of watching a parade:

Free stuff
Civic pride
Fun to watch different groups
Sit back and relax

Annoying, pushy people around you
Finding a good spot to view parade
Big gaps between participants

The Pros and Cons of being in a parade:

Represent the group you are with
Make people smile
Able to control at least a portion of parade
Part of the show

Lining up early
Coming up with ideas for theme/float
Transportation to and from the beginning and end of parade

I was proud of our group this year for basically one reason. We had almost enough handouts (plastic finger puppets and candy) to last the entire length of the parade. I think if we had held back just a little bit more at the beginning we would have made it. We were probably only 50 feet or so from the end of the route when we ran out of items to pass out.

I feel bad for the people at the end of the parade route. By the end of the parade, most groups have run out of candy or whatever item they are passing out.

Next year, I think we need to have more than just people walking and carrying the big banner. We need to bring back the book cart drill team. I've never done a book cart drill team, though. Guess I should start planning now.

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