Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The movie of my life, part II

I couldn't resist doing this little experiment again, this time on my PC at work. This time the soundtrack to the movie of my life is:

Opening Credits: "There is a louder shout to come" by Matt Redman. That's right, it's only the beginning...

Waking Up: "Avalon" as performed by Harry Connick, Jr. Nice piano piece. I'm not much for talking or anything else in the morning.

First Day at School: "Sk8er Boi" by Avril Lavigne. I wonder if I'm supposed to be the one who said "see ya later boy" or the one who ended up with the skater boy.

Falling in Love: "Come by me" by Harry Connick, Jr. Your wish is my command, Harry.

Fight Song: "I just can't wait to be king" as performed by Aaron Carter. This is still my fight song today!

Breaking Up: "Hero's dream" by Jim Brickman. I guess it's sort of contemplative. Good after a breakup.

Prom: "Rise up" by Third Day. A better prom theme than "We're all in this together".

Life's Ok: "Honor to us all" from Mulan soundtrack. Maybe someday I will grow up and save China from the Huns!

Mental Breakdown: "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns. If we all really contemplated, deep down, the fact that God loves us so much to make the ultimate sacrifice, it might lead you to a breakdown of sorts.

Driving: "Basin Street Blues" as performed by Harry Connick, Jr. Good driving music if you're in Louisiana I guess.

Flashback: "Diwali" as performed by Michael Scott in The Office. Yes, I have the Diwali song from The Office on my PC. You got a problem with that?

Getting Back Together: "How's your head?" by Third Day. Song about a long distance relationship. I was never good at them.

Wedding: "When you wish upon a star" as performed by *Nsync. Hey, I like the Nsync version. It's really pretty.

Birth of Child: "When you wish upon a star" (instrumental) performed by Jim Brickman. Awesome! Double jeopardy!

Final Battle: Billy Brown by Third Day. "It ain't easy being a star, It ain't easy to be who you are
It ain't easy but you're going far, Well, you say there's nothing to it, But somebody's gotta do it, boy". Yeah that's me!

Death Scene: "Something there" from Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. Hm, this seems a little out of place....

Funeral Song: "Tunnel" by Third Day. I guess this will be more comfort to those at my funeral who are devastated to see me go on before them.

End Credits: "Saved" by Third Day. "I'm saved by the blood of the Lamb" that sums it up nicely. Not by works, but by His mercy. Hallelujah!

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