Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Closer

Just got season one of The Closer on DVD today. No, I didn't buy it. That's what public libraries are for.

So now I have something to watch on TV tonight instead of just playing My Sims.

The kids are still in Michigan until Saturday. We are actually thinking about going out to the movies Friday night. Maybe we'll see Wall-E. Maybe we'll see Get Smart. Or else maybe we'll just get another movie from the red box.... What's a good movie out there right now??


  1. I've heard The Closer is very good. Didn't Charles Schulz first recommend The Closer, though? And that thing that Snoopy was always sitting on was clearly Charles Schulz's nod to Red Boxes, so he must have written that entry, too. Neat.

  2. CARSON9:51 AM

    So what did you think?