Friday, June 27, 2008

Charles Schulz

Do you readers have a problem with Charles Schulz? You know, no one is forcing you to read this blog.

For your convenience, I have listed several other blogs on the right hand side. Perhaps you will find something of interest there....


  1. CARSON11:40 AM

    I love Charles Schultz and YOU!
    Im just not sure about this movie marquee person.
    You are a person aren't you?
    Your comments seem to be "cutting" and slightly familiar. This is a friendly site. Be nice.
    Do I know you?

  2. I love Charles Schultz! How doesn't? Like the blog too!

  3. Sigh....the Charles Schulz comments were an extension of Maria's comment after the charming "Happiness is...." blog - she wrote, "Did Charles Schulz write this blog?" I merely pretended that Charles Schulz had indeed written, or inspired, ALL of these blogs. Which, I suspect, he hasn't.
    Happiness is not having an unscrupulous biographer drag out your personal and sometimes dirty laundry in a book after you pass away.