Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend update

I started off the weekend by getting sick. I think I had food poisoning. It was not pretty.

Despite the bad start we still managed to go see Prince Caspian on Saturday morning. I had not read the book and I thought the movie was enjoyable. Saturday afternoon meant cleaning house and then playing the piano for church, which went surprisingly well.

I actually cooked dinner Saturday night. Nothing fancy, just this cheeseburger soup that the kids love. So that was good.

Sunday morning I slept in while the rest of the household attended church. Then I had an exciting morning going grocery shopping! Whee! My life is so exciting -- not.

Sunday evening Michelle's school choir sang at the "Cost of Freedom" event at Alexian Brothers Stadium. Hannah spent the night at a friend's house so the three of us enjoyed dinner on the porch of Bahama Breeze.

Monday we all slept in. (Finally!) While the rest of my family laid around the house watching grilling shows and playing video games, I headed back to the Cost of Freedom event to play handbells and piano again. I guess some of the grilling shows paid off as we ended up making pizza on the grill for dinner. It was pretty good, despite the dough cooking too fast and the cheese not getting as melted as I would prefer.

The only other major thing we did this weekend was start packing for Disneyworld. But tomorrow night is the big end of the year banquet, so I have to get through that before I can start stressing about the Disney trip. And I do plan on stressing out over this trip....

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