Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Talk amongst yourselves

Parenting Questions (with my own answers. Feel free to add your comments)

Question #1:
Is it ok that my children walk around singing 80s songs at the top of their lungs as they play song after song on their MP3 players?

It's only natural that your children should sing at the tops of their lungs while listening to an MP3 player. What's odd is that they would embrace the music that their parents love. They should be rejecting it, calling it "lame".

Question #2:
Is it ok that my 7 year old is cutting carrots with a very sharp knife as she prepares dinner and I type comments on a blog?

How big is the knife? Big enough to take off an entire finger, or just enough for a deep gash? Does your medical insurance cover finger reattachment? If so, then proceed with a clear conscience. Children need to learn how to cut carrots sometime in their life. It might as well be now.

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  1. Carson7:51 AM

    Thanks for answering my questions.
    It is all clear to me now.