Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dale was robbed!

What a sad, sad, sad Top Chef episode last night. Now, restaurant wars is always a recipe for disaster, but the greatest disaster of this episode was in the judges sending Dale packing.

Yes, he took the responsibility as the executive chef, but Lisa was the bimbo who ruined all the dishes. It's not his fault that she's a horrible little whiny idiot. He did everything he could to save her dishes.

Don't agree with me? Then check out these viewer comments. I think the most insightful observation was made by Tim at 11:56 pm.:
The best thing Dale could have done was to let Lisa take the helm of this disaster waiting to happen, - but then who would have respected him for playing it safe?
In retrospect, that's exactly what Dale should have done. He should have known from wedding wars that the executive chef always bears the brunt for others' mistakes.

Spike knew there was going to be trouble with Lisa, so he distanced himself from her as much as one can. So Spike didn't really cook anything. Big deal. He pulled off the front of the house much better than some people from other seasons. He did what needed to be done and got it done.

Dale, I think you were robbed. Lisa didn't deserve to make it this far and she surely does not deserve a place amongst the final four! I would like to say that if Lisa does make it to the final four I will stop watching the show, but I know I will still watch it anyway.


  1. Carson9:53 AM

    Excellent post.
    I could have not said it better myself.
    Loved our morning chat.
    Looking foward to the answer to my reference question.

  2. Lisa MUST go.

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