Friday, April 18, 2008

Trip Report, Part 3

We were disappointed that the Maelstrom was not open, but we visited the Stave Church in Norway. The church is almost always deserted and it's a nice quiet place to make a phone call. We pretty much glossed right by China as they weren't showing their film that late at night. Bypassing most of China was also part of our own personal protest against the treatment of the people of Tibet. Take that, China!

We did stop in and see the American Adventure. I have been backstage at these show and it is a mechanical wonder. I always get choked up when I see Jim Henson's face during the montage of famous faces with the patriotic music.

After that, we felt we had pretty much seen as much of the park that we were going to see. Of course, we were at the furthest point from the front entrance, which was were we needed to go to catch the bus. But I enjoy walking through EPCOT at night. I think that Spaceship Earth looks brilliant, lit up against the night sky. Crap! That's what we didn't do: Spaceship Earth! And it has been renovated since I last saw it. Well, I guess I'll have to go back....

That concludes day 1 of our tour. To be continued....

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  1. CARSON9:02 AM

    Love the Disney thread.
    Good stuff.
    Please consider posting on the REAL important stuff in life like Top Chef and The Office.
    A real fan would have watched it by now despite all obstacles.
    Do not leave me hanging.