Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trip Report, Part 1

Ah, the Disney trip. It was, in a word, wonderful. I had hoped to get some photos posted to flickr before posting, but I've found myself waiting for some people to meet me for margaritas so I have time now.

Day 1 - Friday, April 11

JKSW arrived Thursday night due to the AA fiasco, so she was already in the Magical Express area at MCO when my flight landed. There were no lines, so we quickly boarded the bus to the Pop Century Resort. Our room was very close to the bus stop (as I had requested) and it also overlooked the main pool (which we did not use).

Upon checkin, we both got "Happy Birthday" buttons and wrote our names on them. We wore them all the time and it was a great source of hilarity as people would see us and say "Happy Birthday Julie! And Happy Birthday.... Julie?" Then most people would proceed to ask us if we were either sisters or twins. Yeah, that's right. Our parents couldn't think of a name other than "Julie". Still, those buttons earned us three free chocolate chip cookies within 20 minutes of wearing them, so it was worth it!

We only took a few minutes to slather on some sunscreen and we headed straight for EPCOT. We got to the Land Pavillion right around noon and picked up Fastpasses for Soarin' -- which weren't good until 7:00 pm!! WOW! We got some lunch and while we were eating, I noticed that by 12:30 pm the entire days' supply of Fastpasses for Soarin' had all been distributed.

I made a mental note of this for our upcoming DW trip in June. Maria, when you go to EPCOT proceed immediately to Soarin' for Fastpasses! You don't want to have to wait in the standby line for 100 minutes!!

Our first attraction was Honey, I shrunk the audience. We pretty much just walked on to the ride. At least, the pre-show was already in progress when we entered.

For our next ride, Mission Space, we decided we would brave the 50 minute standby line so that we could go on team orange: more intense training. The time passed fairly quickly as we hadn't had much time to visit just yet. Julie got a little nervous, but was much less shaken up after the ride than I was.

Next we took the single rider line for Test Track. Julie thought this was great fun. It's one of my favorites, too.

Then we started our tour around World Showcase. We started at the United Kingdom and proceeded in a counter clockwise fashion around the lagoon. Our intent was to end up at the Germany pavilion in time for our dinner reservation.

To be continued....

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  1. I think it would be great to go to Epcot without kids. To go through the countries without anyone whinning!

    I LOVED the food in Germany. I especially loved the red cabbage. It is not usually my thing. I ended up making some for the Disney cookbook. That, along with Maria's rouladen would make an AWESOME meal. I really need to get that recepie from her. Have you ever had it? AWESOME!

    I am enjoying your blog! Your humor is too much! I love the name tag story! We had annniversary buttons. It sure was fun. They let us cut line a few times with them!