Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Notes from a day

No matter how busy I am, there's always time for Top Chef.

(Spoiler alert!!)

It was Mark's time to go. I knew he'd be gone soon and tonight was his night. I was surprised to see Stephanie on the bottom, though her dish looked terrible. I think the competition will be very close, once they finally get rid of Lisa....

I did find tonight's episode somewhat inspiring as I thought I could make several of the dishes they served. We'll see.

Got a couple of photos from today. JKSW and I took her kids to the DuPage Children's Museum. Then we went down by the Naperville Riverwalk. We parked in front of the Nichols Library (the public library for Naperville) where they have this totally cool Cat in the Hat sculpture.

We went in the library for just a couple of minutes so I could look around. I came away with one idea that I thought was good. At their check out stations, they have those wooden play structures mounted on the front of the counter so that little kids have something to occupy them while their parent checks out items.

Other than that, I wasn't blown away by anything in particular. They did have signs up that said they were no longer adding VHS videos or books on tape to their collection. While no library adds VHS to their collections anymore, it was refreshing to find a library that finally stopped adding books on tape. (They do have books on CD, don't worry.) I think it's time for the tape formats to die a quick death. At least in the public library arena.

Anyway, it was a long, exhausting, great, day. I know some of you (Maria) are waiting for my final Disney trip report. Cut me some slack. The Wilders are here until Friday morning, then Friday night, my sister in law and family arrive for the weekend, due to my niece getting confirmed. We have a choir concert Friday night, too, and a band concert Saturday afternoon.

The news on my Dad is that the doctor at the Mayo Clinic wants to see him sometime in the next two weeks to decide when to do his surgery. No news until that appointment.

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  1. I REALLY hope Lisa packs her knives next week...

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