Saturday, April 19, 2008

Disney photos

Okay, a few of our trip photos can be found over at flickr.


  1. CARSON3:15 PM

    Loved the Princess shot.
    Very demure.
    JKW has a fabulous hair cut.
    I would never have placed you two in the 40th birthday club!
    You are both as lovely and fresh looking as you were at RF all those many years ago.

  2. Great pictures! Welcome to the club! How did you manage to get away like that without your family? Ben would kill me dead.....DEAD!

    We are HUGE Disney nuts. I will have to post pictures of our October trip! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The only reason we could get away was it was our 40th birthdays. We (the Blackwell family) are also huge Disney heads and we have gone every year since 2002. Our next trip is actually coming up -- in 38 days! So Dave and the girls pouted a little, but they'll get their trip, too.

    Julie Wilder had never been to Disneyworld and framed her trip under the guise of: it's better for her to go and have a chance to check it out, then decide when the time would be best for her family to go. Their kids are ages 3 and 5, and Owen still naps.

    Personally, I believe you should wait until a child is 5 before you take them, but that's just me.