Sunday, April 20, 2008


I did NOT have a good weekend. Ugh.

Friday night I left a $50 gift certificate on the table at our school's auction. D'oh!

I discovered that we went over our cell phone minutes last month, resulting in a much bigger bill than normal. It was pretty much my fault. I used the most minutes, calling the house on my way home from work instead of calling one of our other cell phones. Grrr.....

I got grief from the music director for making "too many changes" to the song lyrics for next Saturday's bulletin. Hel-lo? It's all in Word, what's so freaking hard about making changes?

But of course, right after that, I was asked to pick songs for the next month's worth of Saturday services, half of which I won't even be playing for. *sigh*

Okay, so I'm having a bit of a pity party, I know. I'm stressing about going to the dentist tomorrow and wondering how much that's going to cost. I'm stressing about the fact that my 10-year old can't seem to walk out of the front door without falling down and scraping her knees, elbows, shins, hands, legs, etc. She's got more band-aids on her body than a Chinese phone book! I'm stressing about the fact that I have to give a presentation to my library peers on Friday. I'm stressing about how I promised to write a skit for the 8th grade class banquet and didn't get it done this weekend. (Well I guess I could start now...)

On the bright side, there's only 40 more days until my next trip to Disneyworld.....


  1. "She has more band-aids than a Chinese phonebook." That made me laugh out loud! What does the school skit have to be about? Sorry you had such a crummy weekend. If it makes you feel better, I had a bit of luck - I found a $50 gift certificate that had been left on a table. For the skit - do lots of ethnic humor, like Jackie Mason. Just a suggestion.

  2. CARSON4:54 PM

    Man that does stink.
    Did you contact the crew that was in charge?
    What else did you buy?
    Call me if you want to bounce ideas around about a skit.
    I have been in and written a few in my day.