Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A birthday to remember

Well, it certainly will be a birthday to remember for JKS Wilder and I.

We are supposed to leave Friday morning and meet up in Orlando for a long weekend at Disneyworld. But she's flying American Airlines! I'm flying United, and so far so good.

Please pray that her flight is not affected or at least that she will still be able to arrive safely! Of all the possible things that could go wrong for this trip, this is not what I expected!!


  1. CARSON4:45 PM

    calm down.
    pre-vacation jitters.
    you got this under control.
    you are after all the queen of Disney.
    I on the other hand have until june and have never planned a WDW adventure before.
    I myself am seriously having dreams of wild animal Disney characters coming charging at me!
    Which FPS couple (still together couple)
    is celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today?

  2. Could it be you (and Richard)?

    Is it really? Today???

    Happy Anniversary. What I heel I must be not to know that.

  3. CARSON7:16 PM

    today is the day.
    why would you know that?
    i don't know anyone's birthday or anniversary.
    Can not wait for Top Chef.