Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Being grateful

I've spent too much time focusing on the negative lately. One of the gals from my women's group emailed 4 things to be grateful for and challenged us all to come up with 6 more for a list of 10. So here goes: (nos. 1-4 are from her email)

  1. You woke up this morning.
  2. You had options in your wardrobe for the day.
  3. You had food available to eat if you wanted it.
  4. You had the option to open your Bible and talk to your Father if you wanted to.
  5. I had plenty of pain relievers to choose from for my sore jaw. (Bad dentist appointment yesterday)
  6. I drove a car that I own to work.
  7. I have a good, secure job to go to.
  8. There were still leftover snacks and birthday treats in the staff room.
  9. I am prepared for band practice for tonight.
  10. There's a new episode of LOST on Thursday night! W00t!


  1. I have been focused on the negative a lot lately too. Things have been difficult with our board at school. So, I will play. I will list my ten.
    1. My faith
    2. My thoughtful husband
    3. My creative son
    4. A job that I enjoy
    5. A country that is free
    6. A president who is pro-life
    7. My wonderful friends
    8. The view from our kitchen window
    9. My craft room!
    10.Talents that God has blessed me with

  2. CARSON5:44 PM

    You want to know the honest truth?
    I am just plain thankful for you.
    You have made me laugh.
    #1-10 Julie Julie Julie Julie Julie Julie Julie Julie Julie Julie .

  3. CARSON5:57 PM

    Oh shoot.
    I forgot.
    I am thankful for blogs.

  4. CARSON5:27 PM

    anyone there?