Thursday, March 13, 2008

TV is good again!

Last night was the premiere of season four of Top Chef. W00T! This year, it's set right here in Chicago -- double W00T!

The first few episodes are always a little slow. It takes time to figure out just who you're rooting for. I can tell you who I'm NOT rooting for -- the "couple". Spleesh! I guess this is how the producers try to shake things up. There also seem to be a lot of chefs from San Francisco.

I loved that they had to make Chicago style pizza on the first episode. Of course, that shouldn't have surprised any of them. Duh! Chicago! Pizza!

So now I've got that going on. But there's also Lost going on as well. Unfortunately it didn't DVR last week. Grrrrr. So we're an episode behind. Yes, I realize I could have watched it online. I may have to do that yet because with our Dish Network DVR upgrade, I can't get the system to manually record the repeat episode of Lost due to the DVR only wanting to record new ones. I can't wait for U-verse!!

Of course, there are new episodes of The Office starting up again in April. More W00T! Will Jim and Pam ever get together? Oh yeah -- they did? Will Dwight and Angela get back together? Do I hear wedding bells for Michael and Jan? And will Andy find true love?

And last, but certainly not least, new episodes of Futurama will once again be aired. Well, they're starting with showing "Bender's Big Score" on March 23. Which is not too exciting for us, as we've owned the DVD ever since it was released. But after that -- it should be new episodes again. After 7 long years....


  1. Why are you NOT rooting for the "couple"? You put the word couple in quotes, like - what? You don't think they're really a couple? You think they're secretly strangers, who are pretending to be a couple to win the show and hopefully a prestigious job out of it? Hmm...I mean, that's pretty low of people to do.....pretend they're a "couple." That IS the only reason you're so dead-set against them, right?

  2. CARSON1:29 PM

    Who is this "marqueemovies"?
    What is her/his point?
    "Come out" and say what you need to"marqueemovies"!