Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Are libraries relevant?

Thank you, Annoyed Librarian!! Just when I start to think that I'm the only librarian who thinks that most librarians have their priorities out of whack, you come along with something brilliant:
This debate is similar to all the guff about how we have to bend over and grab our ankles to make libraries "relevant" to people. Libraries are relevant or they're not. The people care, or they don't. If people don't want what libraries provide, then libraries will go away, but that's more of a problem for the librarians than it is for the people. What if all "information" was available for free online, search engines had perfected search, "information literacy" was universal, and computers and Internet access were available to all? If that happens, public libraries will probably be unnecessary for the most part. Is that a problem for the people, or for the librarians?
I really could not have said it any better. Truly.

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  1. Then who would run the lyceum and teach the ESL classes if libraries disappeared?